MessengerMirror allows you to view vehicles approaching from behind and increases your safety on a bicycle when cars are present. Cooked up by a cyclist who was looking for an eyeglass mirror and found the available products (T-a-L, 3rdi) were too expensive, had their design flaws, and all were too bulky to have in his face.

  • Compact, Light, Durable, Affordable
  • Fits both wide and narrow frames (see sketch below)
  • 1/2" diameter glass mirror, approx length is 6.5" overall
  • Made in USA
  • MessengerMirror MessengerMirror

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    The MessengerMirror is very compact so adjust your expectations of field-of-view accordingly. New riders, plus those familiar with other cycling mirrors, will quickly develop a method to best utilize it. It is designed to be fit on the left side of glasses but could be easily modified for right side use.

    Disclaimer (I hate to have to state the obvious but I gotta protect myself): There is the possibility of injury should you fall on or bump this product towards your face so please use it at your own risk. Purchasing it implies your release of liability with the manufacturer.

    MessengerMirror 2014 ~ Hailey, Idaho 83333 USA
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